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Half-day Intensive One-on-One

College / High School Test Prep

Work with our best and brightest tutor to prepare SAT, SAT Subject, ACT and AP exams. 

Get familiar with the test format!  Learn test taking strategies and techniques from our brilliant tutors!


This 2.5 hour intensive session will be great both for students who just start preparing for the tests and students who want to review and brush up before exams. 

Beat the anxiety with the help of our high-achieving tutors! We'll teach you tips and tricks to score high. Tailored to your learning style. 

Our IVY league and other prominent college educated tutors will adapt to each student's unique learning style for a truly personalized learning experience.

* Intensive Half-day Prep Session for

  • SAT

  • SAT Subject

  • ACT

  • AP Exams

  • SSAT


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