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Premier Customized
One-on-One Tutoring in Any Subject

Tailor your session. Work with our best & brightest tutors to attain your goal.

Need help with homework or preparing for a test? Get ahead at school with the help of a qualified tutor so you can spend time on your passions.


After an academic consultation, we will strategize and design a fully customized tutoring program based on the student's needs or goal.  We will assign the best tutor to satisfy your needs from our brilliant tutors educated at Ivy League and other prominent colleges. We will closely monitor the student's progress and modify the program as needed. 


This program is suitable for students who want to advance their math, reading, writing and other interests beyond their grade level.  Also this is recommended for  students who are having difficulty in particular subject to boost their comprehension and skills. 

 * Consultation to design the premium customized session (recommended)


 * Premier Academic Tutoring Session (Customized / Material fee if necessary)


best & brightest tutors

Ivy league and other prominent college-educated tutors cater to your need and learning  style

use us as needed

You can schedule your one-on-one session flexibly. You can meet your tutor as scheduled, reschedule the session, and add more sessions as needed. 


We are expert to analyze your situation / needs /goal and create/develop study program  for best results. We will customize to enhance  your academic abilities to maximum. 

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