Ultimate Mentorship Program for
High School Students
Hourly Private Mentoring Session with our
Best and Brightest Ivy League Educated Mentors.

Students can work with a mentor and receive guidance on anything including academic course selection,  extra curricular, activities, volunteer work, internship, how to study, how to plan for the future, how to attain goals, and more.


Students can get on the right track by talking to Ivy league students who have been through stressful high school life. Our mentors are ready to help!

Ask mentors how they spent their high school days; how they achieved high, how they balanced their school work and extracurricular activities, and more. ​

Work with mentors; academic course selection (regular, AP, IB) , meaningful extracurricular  activities and internship selection, test prep, and more. ​

This will a great opportunity for students to get first-hand advices from our best and brightest mentors. Parents are more than welcome to join sessions.

We offer

- Year Around Program: 10 hourly one-on-one individual sessions

 - Session summary reports: Session minutes to the students and their parents. The minutes shall include discussion content, milestone, next step, and anything covered during the session.

- Ad-hoc Session Program: Set up a session whenever needed.



10 hourly 1on1 individual sessions PLUS

session summary reports to the parents and students including discussion content, milestone, next step, and our suggestions etc. 


Set up a session whenever needed.  Useful for general guidance on class selection, test prep, college application, and topic specific session (sports, music, volunteer, medical / law major) etc.  

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