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Our Philosophy


Flex Learning was founded by two frustrated parents who could not find what they wanted:


  • a flexible and individualized test prep/tutoring service for their busy and ambitious kids;

  • personalized advice from top college students who actually went through the college application process.

Our goal is to support talented students who want to succeed without compromising their passions.


Students can work with a mentor and receive guidance on anything including academic course selection, extracurricular, activities, volunteer work, internships, study skills, how to plan the future, how to reach one’s goals, and more.

Elite colleges are looking for students with interests outside the classroom. We help students with their schoolwork and college applications so they have time for football practice, piano lessons, robotics team meetings, chess tournaments, camping trips, and other extracurricular endeavors.

Flex Learning provides one-on-one mentorship program and flexible sessions with students at Ivy League colleges and other prestigious colleges such as University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins, Duke, UC Berkeley, Oberlin, and Scripps. We also employ experienced teachers. These mentors/tutors understand the struggles of ambitious students on all levels and can offer advice based on their own similar experiences.

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