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Meet our Tutors!

Here are some of our great tutors. 


Derek is a student at Oberlin College studying math. He is also interested in Japanese language and culture. 

His favorite things include playing soccer and hugging his dog Milkshake.


Mariel is a student at Brown University studying Behavioral Decision Sciences and Gender Studies. She is interested in the social impact of culture. 

She enjoys playing the violin and hanging out with friends in her free time!

Alex is a graduate of Colby College with a Biology major, Education minor, and concentration in Spanish. She has worked as both a middle school and high school teacher, teaching Spanish and Science at both levels, as well as AP Biology. She also loves to travel and learn about different languages and cultures. 

Sam is a student at Brown University studying Neuroscience. When he is not studying, he rides on an ambulance and helps people providing Emergency Medical Services (EMS). He enjoys playing violin and ultimate frisbee. 



Andrew is a student at Brown University studying applied math and computer science. 
When he is not studying, he likes to play baseball and video games

Selina is a student at Scripps College, majoring in Politics with focus in Middle East politics.  Selina is passionate about connecting with people, building communities, and supporting students in achieving their goals. In her free time she enjoys choreographing, hiking, going to museums and reading. 



Brian is a student at Oberlin College studying Environmental Studies and Biology.
He plays for the varsity soccer team. 

Cath is a student at Brown University studying public policy and East Asian studies. She is bicultural and bilingual and loves thinking of innovative solutions to existing problems. She spent the first half of her life in China and thoroughly understands the challenges that come with switching languages and educational systems.




Jonathan is a student at the University of Maryland studying physics. He has experience tutoring in all subjects and emphasizes adaptability and flexibility. In his free time, Jonathan enjoys following sports and spending time with his friends.


Harry is a student at Brown University studying biochemical engineering on the premed track. He does leukaemia research with a pharmaceutical company to expand upon his interest in biology. Harry plays the tuba and guitar, and is an amateur Quidditch and chess player. He also speaks Mandarin fluently as well as some Spanish.

Mirai is a student at Duke University Medical School after majoring in Psychology and minored in Chemistry and Chinese also at Duke University. She has experience in working as a college advisor for a high school in North Carolina.  In her spare time, Mirai enjoys dancing, cooking, and playing with her cats.


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