College/Prep High School Essay Consultation

Collaborate with our best and brightest tutors to brainstorm for college/prep high school application essays. 

Our successful Ivy league educated tutors will provide expert advice on college and prep high school application essays. We can help brainstorm so you can start writing with confidence. You can discuss as many essays as you need during the same session. 


 To maximize your session time, we will strongly advise to send us the essay prompts beforehand if addition or different from Common App prompts. 

 * 1 session / 50 min 

Common App, supplement and prep high school essay review and feedback. 

Our successful Ivy league and other prominent college educated reviewers can provide expert advice and review on your college and high school application essay and other school assignments. You can submit the rewrite for proofread again for a flat rate! The same reviewer will help you from the beginning to the end. 


  * First draft and rewrite review by email 

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