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Premier Tutoring

Hire our Best and Brightest Tutors at any time!

Receive face-to-face online tutoring in any subject from our brilliant tutors! You can hire our Ivy league and other prominent college educated tutors when you need.

Flex Learning offers three types of private session to satisfy your needs:

best & brightest tutors

Ivy league and other prominent college-educated tutors cater to your need and learning  style

use us as needed

No sign up fee

No term commitment

Hire tutors when you need them

any time

any place 

Meet  your tutor online 

Last minute bookings are welcomed

One-on-one sessions

any subject 

any age

Any subject from K to 12  

AP, ACT, SAT test prep

Intensive SAT. ACT prep

One-on-One Tutoring Registration Form   
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